Don't shoot us – Moderate Liberal MPs nervous about fringe Upper House links


Government MPs have fired a warning shot at Barry O'Farrell for continuing to cave in to fringe interests and the minor parties in the NSW Parliament, Shadow Minister for the Environment, Luke Foley said today.

“Today it was revealed moderate Liberal MPs are worried about senior Minister and chief minor party negotiator Duncan Gay being too close to the Shooters and Fishers Party,” Mr Foley said.

“Moderate Liberal MPs are rightly concerned about the deals being made between the Premier and the minor parties – and it appears the man Barry O’Farrell appointed to negotiate with the Shooters and Fishers is getting a little bit too close.

“This just demonstrates how serious the O’Farrell Government’s minor party deals with the Shooters and Fishers and Christian Democrats have become – moderates in the Liberal Party are rightly concerned.

"Barry O'Farrell’s own MPs know that Reverend Nile and the Shooters and Fishers are calling the shots – and the Premier and Duncan Gay are giving them the green light.

"Barry O'Farrell promised NSW voters he would not compromise his agenda and do dirty deals with the minor parties.

“The O’Farrell Government has happily issued an unprecedented 3832 restricted hunting licences for state forests in 110 days, declared open season on marine park endangered species and even flirted with introducing shooting in schools.

“Now the Premier has allowed Reverend Nile to put his Bill to repeal ethics classes above all other Bills – despite Reverend Nile equating ethics classes with the teachings of the Nazis.

"Even the Government's own MPs are now becoming worried about the path the Premier and Duncan Gay are leading them towards.

"The people of NSW are entitled to wonder where all these dirty deals will end.

"Reverend Nile and the Shooters sounds like a good name for a rock band, but it's not the sort of band Barry O'Farrell should be letting run NSW."