Do-nothing Premier loses control of the Upper House


The O'Farrell Government has ground to a halt in its first week back at Parliament – with the Upper House closing down because there was no Government legislation to review.

"After only four months in Government, Barry O'Farrell has run out of things to do," Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, Luke Foley said.

"The Premier is fast earning a reputation as a do-nothing Premier.

"The NSW Legislative Council was yesterday shut down because of the O'Farrell Government's incompetence – the people of NSW expected more from this Government."

In the first seven weeks of the O'Farrell Government, the Premier passed 27 Bills.

By comparison, 53 Bills were passed in the first seven weeks of the Iemma Government.

"Barry O'Farrell promised to 'start the change' but instead has stopped the change dead in its tracks," Mr Foley said.

"After 16 years in Opposition, you would think the Premier had a list as long as his arm of legislation to introduce.

"Instead of introducing legislation to improve services for the people of NSW, Barry O'Farrell this week had the Upper House debating time limits on speeches in an unprecedented attack on the house of review.

"The Premier may now be regretting imposing time limits on speeches considering he doesn’t have any legislation to actually take to Parliament."