Designated music zone would help revitalise Parramatta Road


NSW Shadow Minister for Planning Luke Foley has today welcomed the move by Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne to reinvigorate Sydney's live music scene and called on the Minister for Planning Brad Hazzard to add his support to the Mayor's plan.

Leichhardt Council last night unanimously adopted a proposal to turn Parramatta Road into Sydney's first live music and cultural precinct. This would make the main road between Taverners Hill and the University of Sydney attractive to music venues, small bars, theatres and related businesses.

"Parts of this plan, such as rezoning sections of Parramatta Road, can only be made by State Government regulation. I encourage Mr Hazzard to meet with Mr Byrne and help make this fine plan a reality," said Mr Foley.

"The Parramatta Road area has become run down in recent years and this proposal presents a great opportunity to help revitalise it, to encourage a vibrant late night economy

"The need to do something radical became more urgent last month when the iconic Annandale Hotel passed into the hands of receivers after the Rule brothers, Matt and Dan, lost control of it due, at least in part, to the great difficulties they had with the previous Leichhardt Mayor.

"The Annandale has been a crucial part of Sydney's live music scene for decades. It's the place that gave acts such as Jet, The Living End and The Vines their break in the music industry.

"It is vital for the future of that scene that the Annandale not only survives, but is allowed to thrive.

"The creation of a designated music zone in this part of Parramatta Road would be a huge step towards helping it thrive.

"The opening of likeminded venues would create a buzz and help revive an area which should be able to hope its best days are ahead of it and not just remembered from history.

"For this I also applaud the Labor Loves Live Music campaign, which was launched by Federal Minister and former Midnight Oil singer Peter Garrett last August.

"Venues such as the Annandale are the beating heart of Sydney's music scene and we owe it to future generations to ensure they have the same opportunities to see live shows by young bands as we have had," said Mr Foley.