CSG announcement is same old National Party tricks: just to get them past state election


North Coast families will see through the NSW State Government’s announcement of a six-month freeze on CSG exploration as “a pre-election trick” simply to get the National Party past the forthcoming March 2015 State election, State Labor said.

NSW Shadow Minister for the Environment Luke Foley and Shadow Minister for the North Coast Walt Secord predicted that after the March 2015 State election, the Liberals and Nationals “will put the foot on the pedal” and will be actively promoting the expansion of CSG and unconventional gas exploration across NSW.

In media reports today, the State Government announced a six-month freeze on new CSG exploration licencing – until September 26, 2015.

Mr Foley said: “This is just about getting the North Coast Nationals past the State election and has nothing to do with protecting North Coast communities.”

“It is a matter of public record that the North Coast Nationals support CSG and unconventional gas exploration and have strong links with their exploration companies.

“CSG and unconventional gas exploration are a real concern for communities across the State – particularly the Northern Rivers – and those communities want real protection.

Mr Secord said: “Armed with this knowledge, it is disgraceful that Lismore MP Thomas George, Ballina MP Don Page, Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis, Tweed MP Geoff Provest, and the entire National Party are saying one thing today in the newspapers when in truth they are about expanding GCS mining.

“The Nationals have never been about protecting local communities from CSG and other forms of unconventional gas exploration,” Mr Secord said.