Confusion reigns with community left clueless on George Street works for CBD light rail


Shadow Minister for Transport & Infrastructure Ryan Park has called on the Baird Liberal Government to immediately release all the details of the construction works for the CBD Light Rail and increase community awareness about a project that will have a significant impact on people working and moving throughout the city.

“The Baird Liberal Government is about to embark on a project that has the potential to cause traffic chaos in the very heart of the Sydney CBD, and they need to do more to alert the community to what will be happening and when it will be happening,” Mr Park said.

“This is community relations 101 – the government needs to tell the people of Sydney what they are doing on George Street, but they are failing miserably.

“Commuters, drivers and businesses who rely on access to George Street have no information on the works to be undertaken to relocate essential utilities currently under the road surface.

“George Street will look like a war zone when it is torn up to lay the tracks for the CBD light rail – it will be more disruptive than when George Street was closed and dug up to build Town Hall Station in the late 1920s.

“The morning commute was a complete mess when buses were rerouted in January – yet we still have no detailed information about the relocation of George Street bus routes and how hundreds of buses being taken off the main street of the Sydney CBD will be coordinated.

“I note that the last media statement from the Baird Government on the CBD Light Rail was in February. Why is the government missing in action on keeping the community up to date of the disruption for CBD Light Rail?

“The Transport Minister Andrew Constance needs to lift his game and provide detailed information on the roll out of major construction works along George Street immediately.”