Statement on Centenary of ANZAC


Statement from NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley and Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs Guy Zangari

Today we mark the most poignant of milestones – the Centenary of the ANZAC landing on the shores of Gallipoli.

At dawn across our nation – and at the original landing site in Turkey – Australians will gather in their thousands to commemorate our troops’ extraordinary sacrifice.

The original ANZACs epitomise all the Australian servicemen and women who have served our nation.

They leapt into battle with a spirit of adventure. Too many paid a terrible price.

Yet their courage, optimism and mateship have resounded through the ages.

The ANZAC spirit defines our national character and it always will.

Today, Australia pays tribute to all our brave men and women who have fought and bled so we can live freely and in peace.

We think of those Australian personnel currently serving in troubled corners of the world. We pray for them to come home safely to their families.

Whether through photographs, diary entries, artefacts, stories and memories – the ANZAC legend lives on. It is taught in our schools. It is handed like a torch from one generation to the next.

Far from fading into the distance, each year ANZAC Day gains new reverence among old and young.

And so it will be this year.

Lest we forget.