CBD to become a zone of chaos and confusion


The Liberal Government has today revealed that in just a few months, George Street as we know it will be gone forever – plunged into chaos as major construction starts on the Sydney CBD-South East light rail. 

Labor leader Luke Foley said construction of light rail down George Street will cause massive disruptions for commuters.

“The problem with light rail down George Street is not that there will be congestion in the city for three years, it’s that it will be a permanent congestion nightmare,” Mr Foley said.

“There’s a reason why, for fifty years, Royal Commissioners and transport experts have called to get trams out of the Sydney CBD – it’s because they cause congestion.

“The Liberals will deliver a Berlin Wall down the central spine of Sydney, dividing the CBD into east and west. Every east-west road in the city will be heavily impacted and heavily congested by the George St light rail.

“People in Sydney can expect that, from October 2015, every trip in and out of the city will take significantly longer.

“Parents will have to drop their kids off earlier to school. People will be late for work. Does this plan come with a late note?

“Make no mistake, Sydney needs light rail – but not down George Street. The Liberals should listen to the experts and terminate light rail at Central Station.”

Shadow Minister for Transport Ryan Park said: “Congestion, chaos and confusion will reign in the Sydney CBD over the next few years.

“The Liberals have tried to slip this dodgy plan into the State of Origin wash up – but they haven’t been able to hide the disaster set to begin in just a few months.

“This government will significantly change the bus timetable for thousands of people coming into the city. We still don’t know details of the new bus timetable, but we do know that rerouting buses off George St will be a disaster.

“You can’t just move buses from the biggest bus corridor in Australia onto nearby streets. Nearby streets like Elizabeth and Castlereagh are already gridlocked, there’s simply no room. 

“The Government has also failed to explain what kind of compensation will be needed for businesses.

“Every retailer along George St can blame Mike Baird, Andrew Constance and Duncan Gay for a fall in profits and a reduction in sales.

“Construction will begin just in time for Christmas and Boxing Day sales – a time when retailers paying huge amounts of rent rely on increased patronage to get them through the rest of the year.

“The Government should listen to Nick Greiner – who made it clear that light rail in the Sydney CBD will increase congestion and grind this city to halt.”