NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley says the Liberals and the NSW Premier have learned nothing from the past three weeks and are unfit to govern the state, following the eruption of civil war in the Berejiklian Government’s senior ranks.

Three weeks after Malcolm Turnbull was rolled as Prime Minister, Premier Berejiklian is presiding over an ugly row between her Treasurer Dominic Perrottet and Multicultural Minister Ray Williams.

In the wake of the drubbing the Liberals received in Wagga Wagga, Ms Berejiklian said she had listened to voters and that the Liberals should stop talking about themselves and concentrate on governing for the people.

Fast forward to today and once again the Liberals are doing just that and will continue to be diverted from the task of governing as long as the internal squabble - sparked by Mr Perrottet wanting to abandon his seat and move to Castle Hill because he doesn’t like the commute from his home in Epping to the Hawkesbury – continues for weeks.

Unlike the Liberals, Labor is united and ready to govern and will spend the next six months building on the already long list of positive policies it has released.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“The Liberal Party civil war has moved from the federal Parliament to the NSW Parliament and good government has been totally ignored.

“The Liberals are such a rabble they are not fit to govern the state nor the nation. They have learned nothing from what happened to Malcolm Turnbull three weeks ago.

“The Premier said she had got the message after Wagga that the public are sick and tired of politicians focusing on themselves yet look at what is happening today.

“The Premier is doing nothing to solve this ugly row: If you can’t govern yourselves then you can’t govern the state. The Liberals have revealed they are unfit for office. 

“Mr Perrottet thinks he has the right to get rid of one of his colleagues because he doesn’t like the commute. Well tell that to the hundreds of thousands of commuters who are battling congestion on our roads or packed onto overcrowded trains every day.”