The Berejiklian Government has decided that people in Sydney’s West should be hit with higher and increasing tolls while sparing those living on the North Shore.

Leaked Government documents, marked “Cabinet in Confidence” show that at the same time the government is set to introduce the $4.56 toll on the M4 (that will rise by four per cent a year), the government has spared the North Shore any small CPI increase on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel.

Document extract: 


However, NSW Treasury has given the green light to slug Western Sydney an extra four per cent on tolls for the WestConnex and NorthConnex motorways.

The government has effectively frozen toll costs for those living on the northern side of the bridge but signed up Western Sydney motorists to toll increases for 43 years.

Western Sydney motorists will be forced to hand over $2,000 a year to use the M4 despite the motorway already being completely paid for (the toll was removed by Labor in 2010).

In a further insult to Western Sydney, the Berejiklian Government far-from-graciously offered just a one-month toll grace period on the M4 which will come into effect from mid-August.

The documents also reveal there was a policy proposal to have the M5 cashback scheme removed - again making it more expensive for people living further from the city centre.

It was revealed yesterday that the Government has left the M5 cashback scheme unfunded beyond this year.

NSW Labor has slammed the decision to hike tolls for Western Sydney while at the same time sparing cost of living increases for residents and workers on Sydney’s North Shore.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“This is a government prepared to step in and save those living on the North Shore from paying any extra in tolls while slugging Western Sydney residents to pay again for a road that’s already been paid for.

“This is Ms Berejiklian putting safe Liberal seats ahead of the rest - favouring politics over fairness.

“The Berejiklian Government clearly has no regard for Western Sydney residents who are already facing exorbitant cost-of-living increases.”