NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley is calling on the Berejiklian Government to come clean on the effect of increased electricity prices after leaked documents reveal that the bill to keep Sydney trains running has increased by millions.

Leaked documents reveal that the Berejiklian Government was warned that they were facing an 82 per cent increase in its electricity bill to run Sydney and NSW trains.

In March, Transport for NSW warned the Government that the cost of electricity supply was due to rise to “$65M to $70M higher than the budget”.

Now that the Government’s contract with Origin Energy has expired, it needs to come clean on how much the new bill will set back taxpayers and commuters.

There are concerns these cost increases will be passed on to passengers through higher fares.

The government currently pays up to $50 per megawatt hour – which costs taxpayers approximately $85 million a year - this was set to rise to a total of $150-$155 million per year.

Document extract: 

On July 1, customers of major energy retailers AGL, Energy Australia and Origin (which hold 90 per cent share of the NSW retail market) received sharp price hikes of up to 17 per cent collectively.

It follows the Berejiklian Government’s legal action to block the Australian Energy Regulator’s determination to lower bills and now it, along with NSW families, will pay the price.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“In the end it is commuters that will pay for this through higher fares – it’s a devastating double blow for households.

“The Government ran off to court at every turn to raise everyone’s power bills, but now that rise will flow through to their own cost of running the trains.

“It’s always the public that bear the burden.

“Householders are paying 20 per cent more for their power, but those who catch the train will have to pay the government’s power bill too.”