A Foley Labor government would put long-suffering Western Sydney commuters first with a commitment to build a metro line from Parramatta to Sydney's CBD. 

If elected at the next state election a Labor Government would not proceed with the Premier's northern beaches tunnel. 

The pledge to put the needs of NSW’s fastest growing region first is a major theme of NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley’s Budget Reply speech delivered in NSW Parliament today. 

Mr Foley committed to the Western Sydney Metro just two days after the Berejiklian Government specifically excluded in the Budget the much-needed Western Metro project in favour of the Premier’s Northern Beaches Tunnel which received more than $100 million to get it underway. 

This is despite former Premier Mike Baird announcing in October 2016 that the project was a major priority for the Liberal Government. 

The rail link will double capacity on an already overcrowded line and move about 40,000 people an hour in each direction.

The Northern Beaches tunnel which will go under Middle Harbour and emerge at North Sydney will cost up to $3 billion to build and was announced by the Premier in the midst of two by elections for seats that will be directly affected by it. 

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“We won’t proceed with this Premier’s northern beaches tunnel pet project.

“Labor will prioritise the delivery of a new metro railway line between Parramatta and the Sydney CBD because the needs of 3 million residents of western Sydney must come before those of 300,000 northern beaches residents.

“The Liberals say they are committed to the Western Metro but not a single dollar is allocated to it in this Budget.

“When it comes to transport, people will have a clear choice at the next election. The Liberals priority: a northern beaches tunnel - Labor’s priority: new metro rail for Sydney’s west.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Transport Minister Jodi McKay

“The existing Western Line is at full capacity now as anyone who travels on it regularly will tell you. 

"A Western Metro will effectively double rail capacity between our two CBDs of Parramatta and Sydney. 

 "Western Sydney commuters who are facing unfair and unaffordable tolls will have a fast and accessible public transport solution under Labor."