Brad Hazzard takes NSW to war: Mind boggling stupidity from senior O'Farrell Government Minister


NSW Planning Minister Brad Hazzard has invoked war powers for NSW – to justify new fast track processes for the Coal Seam Gas industry.

Speaking on ABC New England late this morning, Mr Hazzard justified the O'Farrell Government's decision to bypass independent scientific panels and approve Coal Seam Gas projects as 'exceptional circumstance projects':

"Any government has to have ultimately the power to say 'you know what' in the interests of the State, we could be at war, we could be doing anything."

"Mr Hazzard's claims are just extraordinary," Shadow Environment Minister, Luke Foley said.

"The Planning Minister has placed the State on a war footing – perhaps he is planning a military invasion of the ACT?

"These are just the words of a buffoon."