Blue Mountains jobs, Education and Environment top of new leader's agenda


On his first visit to the Blue Mountains as NSW Labor Leader, Luke Foley said today that the beautiful and pristine region would be a key beneficiary from his focus on job creation, investing in education and training and protecting our natural environment.

Mr Foley was joined by Labor Candidate for Blue Mountains Trish Doyle in Katoomba for a visit to local small businesses.

“When I was elected NSW Labor Leader I said my priorities would be creating jobs in all our suburbs and regions; investing in our hospitals, schools and TAFE; and protecting our natural environment – these are all priorities for the Blue Mountains as well,” Mr Foley said.

“Labor will bring a renewed focus on job creation in the Blue Mountains. Under the Baird Government, unemployment here has risen from 5.7 per cent to 6.5 per cent – above the state average – and there are 10,700 people out of work.

“Many people who live in the Mountains are commuters who are up before the sun rises and on the trains and roads to their workplace in Sydney. Creating more jobs closer to home will be a key priority for the next Labor Government to reduce the daily commute, relieve congestion and give people more time with loved ones.

“This is a resilient region that’s bouncing back from the bushfires – and we need to send the message that it’s open for visitors and open for business.”

Mr Foley said that that he would champion a broad Labor policy agenda combining economic activity with social progress and environmental protection.

“The people of the Blue Mountains understand the importance of protecting our natural environment.

“Working with the Blue Mountains community to enhance our heritage and national park assets and grow the tourism economy that thrives as a result will be a major priority for a government that I lead.”

Labor Candidate for Trish Doyle said she was thrilled at the opportunity to bring the new Labor Leader to the Blue Mountains.

“Luke is a dynamic advocate for balancing economic development and protecting the environment – that’s what the Blue Mountains has always been about.

“People who choose to live in the Mountains do so specifically because it is such a beautiful and pristine natural region – a Labor Government will work with the communities of the Mountains to make sure it stays that way.”