Berejiklian Government Forced To Release All Documents Relating To Stadiums


The Berejiklian Government will be forced to release all documents relating to its $2.7 billion-plus stadium splurge, after a NSW Labor motion was successfully passed in the Upper House.

To avoid the embarrassment of its own party members crossing the floor in Parliament, the Government capitulated and waved the motion through.

Now the Government has 21 days to produce all documents (created since January 2015) relating to:

  • the demolition, reconfiguration or rebuild of Allianz Stadium or ANZ Stadium;
  • the cost benefit analysis for any projects under the NSW Government Stadia strategy,
  • safety, security or compliance audit reports for Allianz Stadium,
  • correspondence to any sporting code outlining safety and compliance issues at Allianz Stadium,
  • agreement between the Government and the National Rugby League regarding fixtures; and
  • the permanent closure of Driver Avenue.

Despite dozens of requests for these documents under the NSW Government’s Freedom of Information laws, the Berejiklian-Barilaro Government has failed to release a single document.

On Tuesday, Shadow Minister for Sport Lynda Voltz moved in the NSW Legislative Council to order the Government to release documents to justify their business case and safety concerns over their stadia strategy under Standing Order 52 (full Notice of Motion below).

NSW Labor is calling for these documents to be produced to ensure some transparency of the Berejiklian Government’s use of $2.7 billion-plus of taxpayer money on their stadium splurge.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“This is humiliating for the Premier – she can’t even hold her own MPs to support her stadium policy.

“A Liberal MP was prepared to cross the floor on this, so we saw a complete capitulation from the Government.

“The Government has refused to release any information relating to the stadium splurge so now the Parliament will force them to do it.”

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader in the Legislative Council Adam Searle

“This step was necessary because of the unprecedented secrecy with which the Government has developed this policy and the reckless squandering of so much money and misplaced priorities that it represents.

“The Government might be able to stall on Freedom of Information requests but they cannot refuse the Legislative Council.”