Being a woman is not a health issue


From today, Women NSW, the agency responsible for developing policies to advance the status of women and combat domestic violence, will move to the Ministry of Health.

Shadow Minister for Women Jodie Harrison has renewed Labor’s call for the women’s portfolio to move back to its rightful place in the heart of government - the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Women NSW most recently sat within the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS). Despite FACS delivering the majority of the Government’s response to domestic violence, the agency has been moved to the Ministry of Health without explanation.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Women Jodie Harrison

“Today Mike Baird is saying that being a woman is a medical condition.”

“Being a woman is not a health issue. Moving this agency to the Health Department is an insult to women, who deserve a central place in the Government’s policy making.”

“If Mike Baird is serious about tackling issues like domestic violence, sexual assault and gender equality, then Women NSW needs a central spot in the Government’s decision making.”

“Women NSW has been shifted from department to department – another example of the lack of respect this Government shows to women.”

“Why has the Baird Government lumped Women NSW into the same department as eHealth NSW, the Cancer Institute and the Mental Health Commission?”

“The agency charged with developing policy to address domestic violence cannot be allowed to languish on the outskirts of Government decision making.”