The NSW Opposition has slammed the Baird Government’s decision to recruit a raft of senior bureaucrats at TAFE as a waste of resources.

The Baird Government is creating eight new positions – each paying almost $250,000 a year – to push through its Smart and Skilled program.

The directors form part of a newly-created team to implement the Government’s failed program to divert funds away from TAFE to private vocational education providers.

The positions cover everything from course design and training to selling the reforms to industry and giving advice to politicians.

Last year enrolments fell by 43,000; at least 2,500 teaching and educational support staff positions have been cut since Smart and Skilled was introduced in 2011; and students are paying hundreds of dollars more in course fees.

The NSW Opposition has consistently called for TAFE to be properly funded to ensure there are enough affordable courses for young people entering the workforce.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Skills David Harris

“Paying a bunch of fat cats top dollar salaries at a time when the Baird Government has cut 2500 TAFE teaching and support staff and enrolments are down 43,000 makes absolutely no sense at all.”

“More resources are needed on the frontline to help young people get the right skills for the workforce, not hiring more senior staff to push through Baird’s failed reforms of the TAFE sector.”

“We don't need to hire more analysts and PR people to sell a bad policy. We just need to ensure TAFE is properly funded and shonky private providers are shut down.”