The Baird Government is spending more than $3 million on an army of spin doctors to sell its poorly planned light rail project at the last minute.

In a gross waste of taxpayer funds, the Government has advertised nine new communications positions charged with mopping up the chaos to come when light rail construction sees the Sydney CBD grind to a halt.

Each role within the CBD Coordination Office boasts a base salary of up to $131,245 per annum over a three year period – worth more than $3 million over the life of the project. 

The Government’s botched CBD South East light rail project has lurched from one poorly planned disaster to another, including:

Business owners bracing for the worst with noise levels as loud as chainsaws and lawnmowers driving away customer thoroughfare on George Street;

  • Further insult to injury for local businesses with prime shopfronts completely hidden behind hoardings;
  • The Government refusing to outline changes to bus routes until Transport NSW accidentally uploaded a new timetable to its website; and
  • The sudden and mysterious departures of Project Director Jeff Gooding and Transport for NSW Deputy Director General Chris Lock from the project.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Ryan Park:

“The Baird Government has brought in an army of spin doctors at the eleventh hour to mop up its poor planning job on the CBD light rail project.”

“Communications on a job of this scale should have happened a long time ago – not when you’re on the eve of shutting down Australia’s global city.”

"The Baird Government should be focused on real solutions to reduce chaos in the CBD, not throwing millions at last minute spin doctors.”