Baird Government set to appeal Australian Energy Regulator determination that would lead to lower power bills


The Baird Liberal-National Government has today chosen to back higher power prices for families and small businesses – with the Government set to appeal the determination of the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

Given repeated opportunities in question time today to rule out an appeal of the AER determination, the Premier and Minister for Energy failed to guarantee the regulator’s decision for lower power bills would go unchallenged.

Under the AER’s determination handed down last week, electricity customers across NSW are set to receive an average bill reduction of around $200 in 2015-16.

“The Liberals & Nationals now prefer gold plating of the electricity network to lower power prices,” Opposition leader Luke Foley said.

“Clearly the Baird Government is looking to appeal the regulator’s determination and stand in the way of lower power bills for households across the state.

“Backing the independent regulator will lead to lower prices for customers, while appealing the regulator will lead to higher power bills for families and small businesses.

“Today the Premier had the opportunity to guarantee lower power bills for households and businesses by simply ruling out an appeal to the regulator’s determination.  Instead he tap danced around the question and refused to give a straight answer.

“By appealing the regulator and seeking higher power prices the Government is simply trying to get a higher sale price for the electricity network. 

“Mike Baird is just seeking to fatten the pig for market day at the expense of families power bills.

“He is gouging money out of the pockets of families just to inflate his sale price.”

“By fighting the regulator simply to get a higher sale price, Mike Baird is backing his banking mates over families and small businesses.”