Baird Government pursues gold plating and higher power prices - appeals Australian Energy Regulator determination


The Baird Liberal-National Government has today chosen to back higher power prices for families and small businesses – confirming that it will mount a legal appeal against the determination of the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

Under the AER’s determination, households across NSW are set to receive an average bill reduction of between $190 and $338 per year, and small business reductions of up to $569 per annum.

Labor Leader Luke Foley said that the Government’ legal appeal is bad news for the state’s 8 million electricity consumers.

“The AER’s decision to lower power bills will help families struggling to make ends meet. Lower power bills reduce the cost burden for small business so they can get on with the job of employing more people,” Mr Foley said.

“By appealing the AER determination, Mike Baird has chosen to back higher power bills for families and businesses in our state.

“Higher electricity prices for families will mean that Mr Baird’s Government will achieve a higher sale price for the electricity companies.

“It is just bad public policy for a Premier to boost the sale price by imposing higher power prices on every household and business in the state.

“I am the only political leader in NSW on the side of lower power prices for families and businesses.”

Shadow Minister for Energy Adam Searle said: “Today’s appeal just confirms what we already knew – the Liberals and Nationals are more worried about fattening the electricity businesses for sale than lowering power prices for the people of NSW.

“Instead of taking the advice of the independent regulator, Mike Baird is happy to see families pay more so he can sell the electricity network for a higher price.

“Mike Baird should get out of the way of lower power prices for families and businesses across NSW.”