Woy Woy locals already inconvenienced by the Baird Government’s decision to shut the Woy Woy
motor registry have been insulted yet again after Service NSW sent letters to long deceased residents.

Service NSW distributed the letters to community members on a restricted or modified licence advising of a Mobile Services NSW van that will visit the area just once per week.

Dozens of distressed Woy Woy locals have since contacted Member for Gosford Kathy Smith after receiving letters addressed to their deceased loved ones.

In one instance a recipient had been deceased for over 15 years.

For residents on a restricted licence, the Mobile Services NSW van will act as a replacement to the closing Woy Woy motor registry used by over 200 residents each day.

Since closing the Woy Woy motor registry locals have had to travel at least 30 minutes more to the Gosford Service NSW office. 

Parking at the Gosford site is in such high demand that elderly residents, unable to walk long distances to the Service NSW office, are turning around and driving back home without getting the services they need.

Quotes attributable to Member for Gosford Kathy Smith 

 “The Baird Government is adding insult to the injuries it’s delivered to the Woy Woy community.”

“With such a large population of elderly citizens it’s appalling that the Baird Government didn’t take the time to understand just who is using the services it’s determined to streamline.”

“This Government is so focused on streamlining that it’s ignoring the very people it should be serving and instead failing to serve them at all.”

“One elderly gentleman who is the primary carer for his 92 year old wife has been unable to renew his license at all after being caught in a bureaucratic black hole. Under his current license restrictions he can’t drive outside the local area. For people like him, independently travelling to Service NSW just isn’t a possibility.”

“It’s plain to see that the Baird Government not only has no understanding of the people of Woy Woy, it’s blatantly disrespecting them.”