For the next four years commuters on Sydney’s already clogged roads will face a bombardment of 2130 additional trucks heading in and out of nine work sites along the M4 route.

The figure was uncovered today in the Baird Government’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the WestConnex project.

The project will see a swarm of heavy duty vehicles using the roadways 24 hours per day along some of the most congested roadways in Sydney, including Parramatta Road and Concord Road.

In addition to ensuing traffic chaos, the EIS flagged that residents in certain areas will have to face ongoing construction noise as construction continues 24/7.

The EIS also highlighted the risk to 203 residential and commercial properties and 11 heritage listed buildings from vibrations caused by construction.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Jodi McKay

“The Baird Government cannot expect Sydney’s motorists to sit back and accept 2130 more trucks each day on our already mismanaged roads.”

“Asking anyone to endure four years of 24/7 construction and traffic delays is beyond ridiculous.”

“Roads Minister Duncan Gay has refused to share the details about this project until the eleventh hour and without any consultation to impacted communities or Sydney’s commuters.”

Quotes Attributable to Member for Summer Hill Jo Haylen MP

“The community has been left behind by the Baird Government’s decision to pump 2130 trucks onto already congested roadways each and every day.”

“The residents of Haberfield and Ashfield are going to see their heritage, suburban streets turned into 24 hour, 7 day a week construction zones – with constant noise and vibrations affecting their homes.”