As hundreds of thousands of students go back to school today the Berejikilan Government is still relying on demountables to house and teach students as its failure to deliver new school places becomes ever more apparent.

At Carlingford West Public School hardworking staff are preparing to receive six more demountable classrooms, bringing the tally to 35 – the largest number for any school in the state.

One hundred and fifty more students are set to join Carlingford West today and yet, because of the State Government’s incompetence, they will be crammed into the school’s existing fleet of demountables.

In three years Carlingford West’s school population has rocketed by more than 50 per cent to an expected 1,350 students as units spring up in neighbouring suburbs at a rate of knots.

Despite the stellar growth, the State Government has failed to plan for a new school in the area.

Last year, Education Minister Rob Stokes promised that the Liberal Government would deliver a dozen new schools every year as the overcrowding crisis in our schools gripped Sydney. But to date the Berejiklian Government’s record on education tells a very different story:

  • The State Government is on schedule to open just one school in 2018, Wentworth Point, which opened today a year late and without air-conditioning;
  • Prior to today, the Liberals have closed down more schools than opened; in seven years 22 schools have closed to just 14 opening;
  • Today, a 100,000 students will begin their school year in a record number of 4,665 demountables across the state;
  • Under the Liberals NSW is spending just 20% of its budget on education - $3.3 billion less than 24.6% average spent by other states.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley:

“We need to get the kids out of the demountables and give them a clear shot at a decent education and a better life.

“Kids and teachers need an environment that is conducive to teachers and demountables are not the answer.

“How can the Liberal Government spend $2.5 billion on stadiums when there are 100,000 children sitting in demountables. It just shows you how this government has completely the wrong priorities.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Education Jihad Dib Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Education Jihad Dib:

“This government is happy to make constant re-announcements but their failure to build new schools to cater for the growing population, especially in Western Sydney, only amplifies their hollow promises".

“It just doesn’t make sense that the NSW Government is splashing $2.5 billion on knocking down and rebuilding stadiums when communities find their local schools to be poorly maintained, overheated and well and truly overcrowded.

“This Government has even failed to put in any additional toilets at Carlingford West to cope with the extra students.

"As if the desperately needed additional demountables at this school isn't bad enough, students are now being taunted to discover the demountables haven't even arrived onsite."