NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley says the Australian Government should reject the result of the Cambodian regime’s sham re-election.

Mr. Foley is urging the Federal Government to examine targeted sanctions such as visa restrictions on key Cambodian government members, and the freezing of their assets in Australia.

Hun Sen’s relatives and political allies have gathered, according to Four Corners, a property portfolio worth more than $15 million in Australia.

Mr. Foley’s comments come after ABC TV’s Four Corners program last night reported on death threats to Australian Cambodian politicians and an increase in intimidation of anti-regime activists in Sydney, including email threats and taking their photographs at demonstrations.

Mr. Foley said the U.S. government is considering expanding visa restrictions, calling the elections “flawed” and representing the most significant setback yet to the democratic system enshrined in Cambodia’s constitution.

Mr. Foley said more than 11,000 Cambodian migrants live in Sydney and they know that speaking out against Hun Sen’s regime means they can no longer visit relatives there.

Hun Sen has jailed the Opposition Leader, dissolved his party, silenced independent media and banished foreign NGO’s.

This dictator is marking his 33rd year in office this year.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“It is time the Australian government supported democracy in Cambodia instead of allowing our Ambassador to clink champagne glasses with Hun Sen’s officials. For a start we could, like the United States and the European Union, impose strict visa and asset sanctions on the Hun Sen regime.’

‘Hun Sen’s goons in Australia intimidate Cambodians who live here into silence. This intimidation should be investigated and charges laid – with every penalty the law allows.’

‘By doing nothing we are betraying millions of Cambodians who want to live in freedom and who are disappointed that a democracy like Australia has apparently turned its back on them.”