Families and small businesses struggling with soaring electricity bills will be shocked to learn that the NSW Government spent $3.5 million on lawyers to fight against lower power bills.

The revelation came after questioning by NSW Labor during Budget Estimates. 

The Australian Energy Regulator wanted to cut power bills but instead the NSW Government sanctioned an expensive legal challenge from Ausgrid that means higher power prices.

Now families and small businesses in Heathcote and across the Shire are being hit with record high energy bills, up to $320 for households and up to a whopping $920 for small businesses.

The Big Red Café in Engadine has already experienced a sharp hike in power bills. During a visit by NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley and Labor candidate for Heathcote Maryanne Stuart, co-owner Mitch Drew explained that the increases are already so significant, he resorts to turning equipment off in a bid to lower his bills. Gurpreet Gurry, who owns The Palace of North India, is in a similar condition.

For six years the NSW Government has had one energy policy – privatise everything.  The result is an electricity supply that is fast becoming unaffordable.

Labor has a comprehensive plan to make electricity affordable and will re-regulate the electricity market to help households and businesses struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living under the Berejiklian Government.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“Struggling families and small businesses like The Big Red Café have been slapped with higher electricity prices thanks to the Liberal Government.

“The Government’s obsession with privatisation has left families and small businesses facing massive bills.

“NSW residents are increasingly having difficulty balancing the family budget under the NSW Liberal Government.

“A Foley Labor Government will re-regulate the electricity companies to ensure that consumers are treated fairly.”

Quotes attributable to Labor candidate for Heathcote Maryanne Stuart

“Businesses are telling me they are turning their equipment off because they just can’t afford these excessive bills.

“People like Mitch and Gurpreet contribute to our community by hiring staff and providing valuable services. It just isn’t fair that they’re slugged with higher energy costs.

“People in my electorate tell me how hard cost of living pressures are. Some are afraid they simply won’t be able to afford such price hikes.