With the Aboriginal flag raised on Sydney Harbour Bridge to mark NAIDOC Week 2018, NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley is telling the Berejiklian Government to leave it there.

Mr Foley was joined by prominent Aboriginal woman Norma Ingram who exemplifies this year’s theme of “Because of her, we can!” which celebrates women’s contributions at all levels.

Wiradjuri woman Aunty Norma Ingram is Labor’s candidate for Newtown for the 2019 State Election.

Trained as a teacher, she became the first Indigenous woman to graduate from Harvard and has been a fixture in working for Aboriginal affairs for almost four decades.

Mr Foley said since the Aboriginal flag is raised to mark NAIDOC week, it doesn’t make sense to take it down just a week later. The Berejiklian Government has so far refused NSW Labor’s call to keep the flag flown every day of the year.

Currently, the Aboriginal flag only flies on top of the Australian icon for 15 days of the year: during NAIDOC Week, Reconciliation Week and on Australia Day.

If elected in 2019, NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley has vowed to permanently fly the Aboriginal flag alongside the Australian and New South Wales flags on the Bridge.

Mr Foley has also committed to establishing a treaty process, if NSW Labor is elected in 2019, between the government of NSW and the state’s Aboriginal peoples.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“If the flag is already up there, why won’t the Berejiklian Government just leave it there?

“We should all be proud of 60,000 years of Indigenous history here. That’s why a government led by me will make sure that flag flies every single day of the year.

"The Aboriginal flag flies permanently outside courthouses, at public schools and at Parliament House. As Premier I would also have it fly at the top of our most internationally recognizable landmark, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, all year around. This would be a gesture of respect and reconciliation.

“I’m proud to stand alongside this remarkable Aboriginal woman who actively works to support and recognise the work of her community."

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs David Harris

“Flying the flag is a sign of respect and can foster a greater sense of community. If it is up there already, why not leave it there?

“It is proper that a great landmark like the Sydney Harbour Bridge should carry the Aboriginal flag signifying the spirit of reconciliation every day of the year.

Quotes attributable to Labor candidate for Newtown Norma Ingram

“The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an icon for Australia and so is the Aboriginal flag which represents the Aboriginal people and culture. Both showcase who Australians are to the world. 

"When people see the Sydney Harbour Bridge they know it’s Australia and when they see the Aboriginal flag they know it represents Aboriginal peoples of Australia - the first peoples of Australia.

"Two icons together tells the story of old Australia and new Australia-together. Let the Aboriginal flag fly on the Sydney Harbour Bridge forever."