NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley has experienced Sydney’s train chaos for himself – as he took the train home from State Parliament this evening.

He joined thousands of angry, frustrated and weary Sydneysiders in the heat and humidity, waiting to get a train.

At one stage hundreds of  passengers could not even get on to platforms 1 and 2 at Town Hall, because they were already overcrowded with people waiting.

Mr. Foley said the Berejiklian Government has yet again demonstrated wrong priorities – with a devastating impact on the lives of nearly a million commuters.

News services have quoted some passengers saying it took them three hours longer to get to their destinations.

It is obvious Ms.Berejiklian’s priorities are wrong. Any Government has to deliver good public services.

Yet we have the extraordinary situation of a Government determined to spend  $2.5  billion of taxpayer’s money on two stadiums, one just 17 years old – while thousands of people are going home in non-air-conditioned 1970’s trains.

Ms. Berejiklian should be using some of the Stadium money to fix this problem.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“Yesterday we saw the train service was shambolic. Today it’s worse. There have been extensive cancellations and long delays. This Government seems incapable of running a basic public service’

‘This is the first week of the working year for many people. The Premier needs to face up to the fact she’s got it wrong. Her priorities are wrong.’

‘People can’t get to work or home again on time because the Premier and her Government don’t regard the train service as a priority.’ 

‘I do.”