Desperate to suppress the truth on budget blowouts on WestConnex and CBD light rail, the Berejiklian Government has spent almost $200,000 in a single month attempting to track down the identity of whistle blowers. 

A Labor Opposition freedom of information request has revealed that in one month the State Government spent $195,814.30 hunting down individuals associated with leaks on the true cost of blow outs in transport projects.

This year Labor has revealed, among things, that WestConnex contractors have put in a $1 billion compensation claim due to unforeseen planning conditions, the Sydney Gateway section of WestConnex has blown out by up to $1 billion, and the CBD and Southeast Light Rail is unlikely to be delivered ‘on time and on budget’.

And yet rather than be upfront with the public about the true costs and the problems associated with its major infrastructure projects, the Government is doing its best to suppress the facts.

In Question Time today Transport Minister Andrew Constance refused to confirm the figure and chose instead to raise the spectre public servants in his own department were engaging in “cyber terrorism”.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

This is a government that just can’t handle the truth.

“Rather than confront the bald facts that it has mismanaged infrastructure delivery and squandered billions in the process, it reacts by going on a witch hunt.

“Brave individuals within the public service are trying to get the truth out and all this government can do is get its cheque book out and call in the private eyes.”

“Here’s an idea Premier – why not front up and tell the truth for once.”