A Foley Labor government will return up to $200 million in tolls a year to western Sydney motorists with the re-introduction of the Cashback on the M4 delivering a fairer deal for families struggling with the cost of living under the Liberals.

Labor’s M4 Cashback for private vehicles will remove the burden for hundreds of thousands of western Sydney motorists who are now paying up to $4.74 per trip since the Liberals re-introduced the toll on the widened section of the M4 last August.

Western Sydney motorists commuting daily along the tolled stretch are paying more than $2,275 in tolls a year.

Labor’s ‘Lightening the Load M4 Cashback’ will operate on the same rules as the M5 Cashback introduced by the NSW Labor government in 1997. It builds on Labor’s already announced Tolling Transparency policy which delivers a fairer deal to Sydney’s road users.

Labor Leader Luke Foley announced the policy at the NSW Labor annual conference - a little over a week after the Berejiklian-Barilaro Government announced a multi-billion dollar surplus but failed to announce any significant policy to alleviate the financial pain of tolls.

Labor’s bold policy move comes as the Liberal State Government presses ahead with the sale of the WestConnex toll road in the coming weeks, which includes the widened and now tolled M4, in the face of stiff opposition from the community and Labor. The sale includes a provision for any new owner to toll the road for the next 43 years.

Mr Foley made the announcement to the Labor faithful at Sydney’s Town Hall, the very same venue and occasion that Bob Carr used 22 years ago to announce his plans for a Cashback on the M4 and M5.

The toll on the M4 was taken off in 2010 by the previous Labor government because the road had been paid for. In August 2017 the Berejiklian Liberal government brought back the toll and hiked it up to $4.74 - almost double the amount motorists were paying eight years ago.

Mr Foley told delegates that a Labor government cannot stand by and let western Sydney motorists be unfairly targeted by the Liberals who are using their toll money to fund other road projects around Sydney.

When the Liberals put the toll back on the M4 they did so for another 43 years and with annual increases of four per cent or the rate of inflation, whichever is higher.

Under Labor that will end - western Sydney has already paid for a road that under the Liberals has become a cash cow for other road projects such as Premier Berejiklian’s Northern Beaches mega tunnel.

Labor’s M4 Cashback will be fully funded by savings measures that tackle the Berejiklian Government’s waste. These savings measures will be outlined by Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park well before the 2019 campaign and reviewed by the independent Parliamentary Budget Office.

Quotes attributable to NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley

“The Liberals sold a lie to the people of NSW when they promised that electricity privatisation would pay for essential infrastructure yet they are doubling the number of toll roads and the cost of living continues to soar.

“Labor represents western Sydney and we will fight for them as they are hurting the most as a direct result of the Liberals’ unfair tolls.

“We are on the side of the people not the toll road operators, the bankers and the deal makers that thanks to the Liberals are set to make fat profits from those who work the hardest and complain the least.

“Cashback has a proven track record with the public and it is a Labor solution to a Liberal problem. Labor will deliver a fairer deal for motorists.”