$969 water bill price hike: Water savers to be punished with higher bills


Water bills are set to skyrocket from July 1, with the average household forced to fork out an astonishing $969 more over the next four years – despite the fact families are using less water than ever.

Sydney Water claims that water bills need to increase because households are using less water – and the utility still has to meet the huge 78 per cent profit increase set by the O'Farrell Government.

"The average household will be forced to pay an extra $969 in jacked up water bills over the next four years – despite the fact we are using less water than ever," Shadow Water Minister Luke Foley said.

"Sydney Water customers are using less water, but the O'Farrell Government's extraordinary price gouging means water bills are set to skyrocket.

"The Premier's hands are all over this price rise – Mr O'Farrell personally signed off on the Sydney Water Statement of Corporate Intent to increase profits by a massive 78 per cent.

"Sydney Water will make a record profit, the O'Farrell Government will gouge out record dividends and the losers will be Sydney Water's 4.4 million customers."

Breakdown of Sydney Water price increases:

The average household using 200kl of water has a current annual (2011/12) bill of $1104.90.

Under Sydney Water's proposed increases, including the current 3.3 per cent inflation rate, average household water bills will be:

Year Annual bill Increase
2012/13 $1248.34 $143
2013/14 $1313.63 $208
2014/15 $1380.13 $275
2015/16 $1447.81 $343


Total Sydney Water bill increases over the next four years = $969 or 31 per cent.