75% of Sydney trains already over capacity yet Liberals offer no relief


Shadow Minister for Transport Ryan Park is demanding the Liberal Government reveal their plans to ease overcrowding on the Sydney rail network – with new figures showing nine out of twelve train lines are operating above capacity in the morning peak hour, and five lines in the evening peak.

Train lines at or above 100% capacity at 8-9am: Illawarra, Airport and East Hills, Bankstown, Inner West, South, Northern, North Shore, Western, South Coast

Train lines at or above 100% capacity at 5-6pm: Airport and East Hills, South, Northern, Western, Newcastle & Central Coast

“Commuters already know how hard it is to get a seat on a train in peak hour. These figures confirm the Sydney rail network isn’t approaching bursting point – it’s already there,” Mr Park said.                        

“Unless more services are added, the current ‘crush hour’ situation will worsen.

“Even more people won’t be able to get a seat to get to and from work, and commuters will face even longer delays.

“Andrew Constance is warning people to change the time they come to work to avoid disruption caused by construction of the George St light rail.

“Is he going to tell commuters to avoid travelling at peak times to get a seat on overcrowded trains?

“The Transport Minister is meant to fix problems for commuters, not offer advice on how to get around them.

“Rail commuters need solutions now. Pointing to a rail project in one part of Sydney that’s set for completion in 2019 isn’t a solution.

“Andrew Constance must explain what his government will do to ensure people aren’t spending even more time away from their families on the morning and evening commute.”